My screening process is simple, please do not ask for special allowances.

Your privacy is extremely important to me, but as much as I value your privacy, my personal safety is also a top priority.

In order to ensure our time together is every bit as wonderful as you expect, I need to feel relaxed and comfortable with whom I am meeting. Screening is the first step.

Compensation is for my time.

I do not expect to ask for my consideration & should be handled in the first couple minutes.

​If we are meeting for an incall encounter, at the very beginning of our date, please leave it on the desk in an unsealed envelope labeled ‘GIFT'(large bills preferred) so that I might have access to it as you excuse yourself to freshen up.

​In an outcall setting, I prefer the consideration to be left for me on the bathroom counter.

​Should we meet in a public place, consider greeting me with my consideration in an unsealed envelope, placed in your favorite book or Gift Bag I would greatly appreciate the gesture and the fact that you actually read my website!

​I do not go on uncompensated dates, all dates will always  be compensated.
​Please keep all correspondences clean, and keep in mind my considerations are for time. Anything else mentioned I will not be able to see you.